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Forester Certification

Forester marking trees for harvest.  Usually, a certified forester is needed at this point in a forest harvest activity.

Directory of Certified Forest Practitioners

According to the Forest Practices Act, a certified forester may:

  • Plan or design forest practices, including but not limited to forest management plans and cutting plans

  • Represent the landowner as his or her agent in the sale of commercial forest products

  • Solicit the purchase of commercial forest products

  • Execute written or oral contracts and agreements for the purchase of commercial forest products

  • Participate in the execution of commercial forest product harvest operations

Materials for Certified Foresters and for Town Tax Assessors

Please note - only certified foresters who are qualified by further training are eligible to assist landowners who are in the process of seeking classification of their lands as "forest land" CGS Sec. 12-107d (aka Public Act 490).

Certification of Forest Practitioners

Content last updated October 2019