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Forest Practices Study Guide

For individuals that plan to achieve Connecticut Forest Practitioner Certification, the CT DEEP Division of Forestry has prepared a study guide. The study guide contains:

  • a description of the requirements for certification,
  • describes the three different levels of certification that can be achieved,
  • provides reference information to assist applicants in passing the certification examinations,
  • and will serve as a valuable reference aiding practitioners in complying with regulations once they have achieved certification.

In 2017 the Forest Practitioner Study Guide underwent a major revision. The Department recommends that practitioners obtain the newest edition of the Study Guide to prepare for the examinations. The 2017 Edition of the Study Guide includes changes in OSHA standards, Best Management Practices and enhanced diagrams as well as changes in the Forest Practices Act that became effective in 2007. Practitioners that plan to prepare for any examination taken after 2017 must take the necessary steps to make themselves aware of these changes.  

Copies of the Forest Practitioner Study Guide are available through the DEEP Online Store (Item #114). The cost of the Forest Practitioner Study Edition is $21.25 per copy plus tax and shipping. The Study Guide may also be ordered by phone or email. 

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For more information on the certification program, contact:

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Forest Practitioner Certification

Content last updated October 2019