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Forest Fire Prevention and Control

Connecticut DEEP maintains an active forest fire prevention program and a specially-trained force of fire fighting personnel to combat fires that burn an average of 500 acres of woodland per year. We also have crews ready to assist the US Forest Service in controlling large fires across the nation.

Connecticut Interstate Fire Crew (CIFC)

Daily Forest Fire Danger Report

Forest Fire Weather

Forest Fire Danger Listserv

Forest Fire Prevention Tips

Videos - Dry Hydrants and Fire Protection, Handline Construction for Forest Fire Control

Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) funds are part of a national allotment for rural fire protection under the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978, as amended by the Forest Stewardship Act of 1990.

Mohawk State Forest Prescribed Burn (Spring 2015). A presentation as to how, under the right conditions, fire can be used as a tool to manage forests in a way that achieves certain objectives. In this case, on Mohawk Mountain, it is to sustain forest aesthetics while also reducing the chance for more severe, uncontrolled fires.

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