How You Can Help

The actions we take on a daily basis can impact Connecticut forests and their ability to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. Whether it is a small decision to use paper over plastic or a large infrastructure investment, you can play a positive role in our future. Here are some ideas:
  • Support local forest products industry.

  • Heat with wood.

  • Support conservation groups and conservation incentive programs.

    • Keep forests as forests by protecting them from conversion and fragmentation -- sell development rights/conservation easement, Forest Legacy Program, etc. 

    • Allow for management (active and passive) in conservation easements.

    • Talk to your forester about incentive programs that make maintaining and managing your woodlot financially feasible.
  • Open your mind to forest management.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Climate Change Response Framework and utilize the Adaptation Workbook as a climate change tool for land management and conservation.

  • Control invasive species, utilize resources available here

  • Allow for deer hunting on your property. 

  • Urban forest/community planning and management.

  • Contact your Service Forester and share with them your interest in promoting forest health in the face of climate change. 

Pitch pine seedling.

Pitch pine establishment follow prescribed burn in Farmington, CT. Photo credit: Andrea Urbano, CT DEEP Forestry


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Content last updated in July 2021.