Performance Partnership Agreement

Connecticut’s final Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA) for FY 10-12 was signed by EPA on September 22, 2010. The Agreement sets forth a mutual agenda for environmental progress and expectations for the state/federal relationship.  This Agreement represents an evolving approach to the federal/state relationship in our joint efforts to protect and enhance our natural environment.  For the FY 10-12 PPA cycle, CT DEP’s key environmental initiatives are shaped  by the following major categories: Clean Water; Clean Air; Climate Change and Energy Opportunities; Landscape Stewardship; Compliance Assurance and DEP Decision-Making: Taking Care of Business (e.g. Lean – continuous process improvement, e-government) .  These initiatives complement EPA’s Strategic Plan and associated National Program Manager’s Guidance. 

The scope of the FY 10-12 PPA includes the following:  EPA New England’s FY 10 “Priorities and Commitments List (‘P&C List’) (Appendix A) and CT DEP’s FY 10-12 Compliance Assurance Strategy (Appendix B).  Together these components reflect the joint planning, negotiations and commitments between EPA New England and CT DEP for the FY 10-12 PPA.  The P&C List for FY 11 and FY 12 will be negotiated on an annual basis and approved as amendments to this FY 10-12 PPA.

It is also important to note that there are certain umbrella priorities that are imbued within all CT DEP programs.  Among these DEP umbrella priorities are:  Quality Assurance and Quality Control through which the CT DEP ensures that all those internally and externally who rely upon the Department’s data have access to sound, reliable information (see section III. D.); and Environmental Justice through which CT DEP promises and ensures that all members of the public are entitled to and receive the highest levels of environmental protection and access to all of the states resources (see section III. E.)

The Department’s FY 10-11 PPA priorities cut across numerous traditional environmental program areas, reinforce many of EPA’s national priorities and provide an understanding of critical environmental issues in the State of Connecticut. These PPA FY 10-11 priorities will use permitting, compliance assistance and enforcement resources in an integrated manner to solve environmental problems. 

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Content last updated on October 12, 2010.