Emergency Response and Spill Prevention

Report Spills or other Environmental Emergencies to the CT DEEP 24 hours per day at:

or Toll Free at

If these numbers are unavailable for any reason, call 860-424-3333.

Promulgation of Release Reporting Regulations: Release Reporting Briefing and Flow Chart

The Release Reporting Regulation are open for Public Comment (Tracking Number PR2017-058) : eRegulations - Regulation Making Record For Tracking Number PR2017-058 (ct.gov)

Release Reporting Regulations

Release Reporting Regulations Outreach

Mitigation Guidance

What is a spill?

A "spill" is any oil or petroleum products, chemicals, wastes or other potentially dangerous materials that are released in any manner.

What is an environmental emergency?

An environmental emergency is any situation that poses an immediate threat to public safety, health or the environment.
Examples include:

  • Any oil and chemical spills (including petroleum products)
  • CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and/or Nuclear Event)
Reporting Requirements for Spill Incidents | Licensed Spill Clean-Up Contractors | Responsibility for Clean-up of Spills Submitting documents electronically to DEEP’s Emergency Response Unit

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