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Cleaning Tips For Your Boat

The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) encourages you to dry your equipment and boat for a minimum of one week during hot/dry weather and four weeks during cool/wet weather. If, however, you can't wait that long, below are some cleaning methods to help prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Washing with hot, pressurized water.
  • Dipping equipment into 100% vinegar for 20 minutes prior rinsing.
  • "Wetting" with a bleach solution (1 oz per gallon) or soap and hot water (Lysol, boat soap, etc.) for ten minutes prior to rinsing.
  • Using 1% table salt solution for 24 hours, prior to rinsing. This table provides correct mixtures for the 1% salt solution in water:
Gallons of Water  Cups of Salt 
10  1 1/4 
50  6 1/4 
100  12 2/3 
  • If hot water is not available, spray equipment such as boats, motors, trailers, anchors, decoys, floats, nets, with high-pressure water.
Make sure to clean everything that came in contact with the water. Pieces of plants can hide on anchor lines, on the propeller and on your dog.