Water-Ski Slalom Course or Jump Permit

Each permit application must satisfy certain requirements under current state law.  Section 15-134(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes requires that the statement addressing the safety and environmental impact of the proposed slalom course/jump be attached to the Water-ski Slalom Course/Jump Permit Application and submitted to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

It is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure that the statement submitted satisfies, at a minimum, the guidelines listed below.  You must reference your sources and provide statements from qualified individuals, as required.  Conditions specific to each proposed site may require additional information. Be advised, that any costs associated with research, investigation or verification necessary to guarantee compliance with these guidelines are the responsibility of the applicant. 

Safety guidelines:
  • The water body shall have a surface area (excluding islands) of not less than one hundred (100) acres.
  • The depth of water shall be sufficient for the proposed activity and not less than six feet (6').  This includes any waters that may be traversed by the water-skier or vessel during the act of water-skiing.
  • The minimum distance to the nearest shore, house, dock, observation platform, mooring, dam, any physical object, other permitted slalom course/jump, boat launch, swim area or area of human activity from the water-skier or vessel during any phase of water-skiing shall be no less than one hundred feet (100').
  • There shall be no underwater cables or overhead wires anywhere in or adjacent to the proposed area of operation of the water-ski slalom course or jump.
  • The proposed slalom course/jump site and adjacent waters shall not interfere with channels or historical lanes of traffic or traffic patterns.
Environmental guidelines:

  • There shall be no inland or tidal wetlands within two hundred feet (200) of the proposed slalom course/jump and area of operation.
  • There shall be no active Bald Eagle or Osprey nesting sites on or adjacent to the body of water on which the slalom course or jump is to be placed.
  • The slalom course/jump and its associated operations area shall be located at least three hundred feet (300') from any known waterfowl nesting areas.
  • There shall be no fish spawning or nursery grounds within fifty feet (50') of the proposed slalom course/jump and its area of operation.
  • The proposed activity shall not preclude existing recreational use.
  • Areas sensitive to shoreline erosion shall be avoided.
It shall be understood that approval of the permit in no way constitutes verification or acknowledgment by the State of Connecticut, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection or Boating Division that information, data, facts, or statements submitted in the safety and environmental impact statement are correct and accurate.  If at any time, the conditions of the issued permit are found to be in violation, the permit may be revoked and the slalom course/jump structure(s) ordered removed provided the permittee is given written notice of the violation(s) and is afforded an opportunity for a hearing.  In addition, the permit may be reevaluated or revoked if environmental or safety conditions or standards under which the permit was issued change.

Application for Water-Ski Permit
Content Last Updated on December 19, 2019