What is an Ozone Action Day?

Ozone Alert Day

An Ozone Action Day is a day where an exceedance of the federal 8-hour ozone standard is forecasted. On Ozone Action Days, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection asks the community to take simple, voluntary actions to reduce their contribution to air pollution and in turn help prevent an exceedance of the federal standard.  However, all of these are actions that can be implemented everyday.   


Drive Less

  • Walk or ride a bicycle
  • Use public transportation
  • Combine errands
  • Join a carpool or vanpool
  • Telecommute

Be a Smart Driver

  • Refuel your vehicle after dusk
  • Stop refueling when the nozzle clicks off
  • Drive at fuel-saving, moderate speeds
  • Tune your car regularly
  • Avoid idling your vehicle unnecessarily
  • Test vehicle emissions on time
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In the Yard

  • Use electric or hand powered equipment
  • Reduce use of garden chemicals
  • Delay mowing your lawn or using gas powered garden equipment until evening
  • Refrain from recreational wood burning

Around the House

  • Set air conditioners to 78ยบ
  • Wait 'til 8 to use energy intensive appliances (washers, dishwashers etc.)
  • Use energy efficient products (LED light bulbs, Energy Star rated appliances etc.)
  • Buy environmentally-friendly cleaners
  • Avoid using aerosol products
  • Select water-based paint
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charging EV

Drive Clean

  • Consider purchasing or leasing a plug-in electric vehicle 
  • Learn about the benefits of EVs by visiting www.driveelectricus.com

Content Last Updated on June 13, 2018