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Office of Adjudications - Hearing Docket

(As of December 1, 2021)


Case Name

Application Number
if App.# underlined, link to
Notice of Tentative Determination.

Type of Permit Public Dates Scheduled
"Yes" will link to hearing calendar; "No" means hearing process has concluded or not yet begun.
Summit Corp.
App. # 201205290
Wheelabrator Putnam, Inc.
App. #s 201903454, 201903451, 201903452
Solid Waste, Water Discharge Yes


Case Name
Order Number
Type of Order Public Dates Scheduled
ASNAT Realty, et al. Solid Waste, Water Pollution No
Ansonia Copper & Brass
Order# 2200001
Water Pollution No
Proposed Final and/or Final Decisions can be found in the link to Decisions on the Office of Adjudications webpage.