The Connecticut Building at the Big E

How To Apply

All applications must be submitted on-line via SurveyMonkey.

Important Note Regarding SurveyMonkey:
The SurveyMonkey platform does not allow you to save and come back to continue the application. Therefore, please be prepared to complete the application in its entirety.  You may prepare ahead of time by reviewing "The Application" section below.

The deadline for full-time & part-time vendors to apply is March 11, 2022. Click HERE for the Full-Time/Part-time application.

Review Process and Criteria

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee.  Members of the selection committee evaluate and score each application based on the criteria outlined below.  Highest scoring applications are then invited to exhibit in the Connecticut Building.  An incomplete application will be deemed ineligible and not reviewed.

A. Alignment with the mission and purpose of the Connecticut Building (40 points)

  • Expresses clear understanding of the mission and purpose of the Connecticut Building

  • Presents a quality product and/or service that is Uniquely Connecticut

  • Business/Sole Proprietor is committed to creating an enjoyable experience for visitors

B.  Booth layout, signage, displays and appearance (40 points)

  • Proudly Connecticut
  • Presents a positive image
  • Demonstrates creativity to enhance image of exhibitor and the products/services
  • Professional and neatly organized

C. Pertinent Experience (10 points)

  • Experience at other fairs/show/expositions

  • Strong and compelling letter of recommendation

D. Quality of Application (10 points)

  • Each question answered thoughtfully and thoroughly

The Application

Applicants should not assume the Selection Committee is familiar with product/company/service and booth layout.  Returning applicants should treat the application process as if it were the first time applying, regardless of past participation.  The application consists of the following questions:

  • Business/Organization Name
  • Business/Organization Address
  • Business/Organization Mailing Address (if different)
  • What is the mission/purpose of your business/organization?
  • Year of Formation
  • State Where Incorporated
  • Non-profit organization or for-profit business?
  • Enter Business ALEI #.
  • Does your business/organization have a brick & mortar location that is open to the public? If so, how often?
  • How many paid employees do you employ year-round?  Full-Time   Part-Time
  • Have you exhibited in The Connecticut Building before?  If yes, indicate year(s).

  • Type of Exhibitor: Full-Time, Part-time
  • If part-time, indicate how many days you wish to participate.
  • Preferred dates (requested preferred dates and booth location are not guaranteed)
  • Indicate square footage requested.

  • Narrative Questions:

1. How does your booth support the Mission and Purpose of the Connecticut Building?

2. Provide a bulleted list of the merchandise, products, services and/or informational materials that you plan to sell or distribute. For each item, indicate where in Connecticut it is produced, grown, crafted, manufactured or significantly and by whom.
Only goods produced, grown, crafted, manufactured or significantly altered in Connecticut may be sold.

3. For food exhibitors:  Indicate how you will sell your product(s).  (i.e. pre-packaged, sold by piece)
Note:  Food Vendors are required to obtain a Food Permit from the Town of West Springfield's Health Department.

4.Tell us why and how your offerings are Uniquely Connecticut.

5. Tell us how you plan to staff your booth.  Indicate the number of shifts per day and how many people will be working per shift.
Note:  The Connecticut Building is open from 10 am to 9 pm.

6. How will you and your staff create an enjoyable experience for fair-goers?

7. Describe the customer service training that you and your staff will undertake prior to the Big E.

8. Describe your exhibitor booth. Include information about the exhibit design and concept, fabrication materials, layout and other relevant display features.

9. Describe the intended “message” you will convey to the fair-goer?

10. How will you convey a Proudly Connecticut image?

11. List other fairs/shows/expositions in which you have participated and include the year of participation.

12. Where else is your product(s) sold?  (i.e. Etsy, local shops)

13. Optional:Is there anything else you would like to share with the selection committee (max 100 words)

  • Upload photo(s) of proposed exhibitor booth.
  • Upload a schematic diagram of the layout of proposed exhibitor booth.
  • Upload a letter of recommendation.
    Note:  Ideally, the letter should be from an event organizer from another event/show/exhibition in which you participated.

  • Indicate the equipment, utilities and amenities that your exhibit will require, such as:  Electricity, Hand Sink, Use of state-owned Kitchen Sink, Use of state-owned Dishwasher, Use of state-owned Walk-in Refrigerator, Use of state-owned Walk-in Freezer, Dry storage (aka "dead" storage) to park a storage unit on the Big E grounds (Additional cost payable to the BIg E), Propane (Additional cost payable to approved vendor of the Big E.  Use of propane by a vendor must be approved by the Town of West Springfield's Fire Marshall).