Connecticut Open House Day


Virtual Connecticut Open House Day - June 13, 2020 

Connecticut Open House Day, now in its 16th year, is an annual event held on the second Saturday of June.
The purpose of this event is to inspire Connecticut residents to learn about all the experiences in their own backyard, anticipating that this will convert them into ambassadors who will recommend these experiences to other visitors. The state heavily promotes this event and typically enjoys significant press coverage each year.
In the past, participating businesses offered a discount or other incentive as part of the draw. This year, with the COVID-19 guidelines impacting the ability to welcome guests physically, the event will be virtual. This allows us to continue the event, continue the promotion of the event, and give the residents of Connecticut a safe way to learn about and enjoy Connecticut’s offerings. It also provides participating businesses a way to get this exposure even in these dramatically constrained circumstances.

Why Participate This Year

  • Acquaint/reacquaint Connecticut residents with the recreational experience you offer
  • Encourage future visitation from residents and their visitors and connections
  • Build pride and awareness among Connecticut residents in all the unique treasures Connecticut has to offer.
  • Be part of a statewide effort that will generate publicity and potential exposure for your business
  • It’s free to participate and need not cost you anything this year.

What requirements are there for eligibility to participate in Connecticut Open House Day?

How does a business participate in the 2020 Virtual Open House Day?

  • Fill out the free registration form.
    • Include a link to the selected virtual experience being offered.
    • Include a description of your free, virtual experience. This description will be visible to the consumer.
    • If you want to offer more than one virtual experience, the primary experience should be submitted in the link field of the registration form, and any subsequent experience links may be contained within the description.

How does a business participate in the Virtual Open House Day if they have a physical offering that complies with the Governor’s guidelines?

  • If your business has an outdoor experience that complies with the current guidelines on June 13th, you may use the Virtual Open House Day experience to promote your physical experience.
  • In the registration form include:
    • A link to your website or other digital asset that clearly promotes your current, compliant physical offering.
    • Information regarding the opportunity to visit your location physically and safely. Please do so in your written description and describe the safety measures taken.


For additional information or questions, please contact Jean Hebert at the Office of Tourism at

Please note: There will be NO Connecticut Open House materials available this year.