Statewide Strategic Marketing Plan


The Connecticut Office of Tourism's strategic marketing plan guides the state's tourism marketing initiatives. Informed by data-driven insights, this plan builds on the success of Connecticut's tourism marketing efforts to date and is periodically updated to reflect new strategies and tactics based on the latest consumer market research, campaign tracking results and valuable industry input.

Our Strategic Objectives

This plan is focused on several key objectives, including:   

  • To build awareness of Connecticut as an attractive place to visit
  • To motivate both out-of-state visitors and in-state residents to explore more of our attractions
  • To increase attendance and visitation to Connecticut’s culture and tourism destinations
  • To optimize our public investment in tourism marketing
  • To strengthen our public and private partnerships through shared objectives and strategies
  • To maximize tourism's ability to contribute significantly to the economic vitality of Connecticut  

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Our Brand Positioning

Our strategic marketing plan is designed to bring the state's brand positioning to life through an integrated marketing strategy. That positioning is highlighted below.

Just as it has for centuries, Connecticut remains a haven for original ideas and fresh thinking.  A magnet for dreamers and doers, the state blends the old and historic with the young and energetic to create an inspiring dynamic — one that motivates people to experience new things, defy convention and blaze their own trails.

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