Fam Tours / Media Inquiries


The Connecticut Office of Tourism (COT) receives numerous tourism media inquiries throughout the year. In order to provide the perfect match for readership and media placement, COT welcomes area attractions, towns, community and regional organizations to host familiarization tours highlighting the “must-see” places and hidden gems within their communities.
Familiarization tours is a marketing tactic that provides tangible ideas and firsthand experiences to travel trade professionals, which are then considered to be conveyed in positive editorial publicity.  COT offers services with the media — including suggested stops, itineraries and key contacts to assist media for inclusion and placement consideration.

In addition, COT invites tourism partners to showcase their respective properties and communities to generate an inventory of assets to choose from when approached by the media. This allows COT to proactively be prepared to assist media inquiries, as well as generate storytelling ideas for articles to be featured on various social platforms, including CTvisit.com, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

To learn more about hosting familiarization tours for COT and media inquiries, contact Industry Regional Outreach Manager Rose Bove at (860) 500-2355 or Rosemary.Bove@ct.gov.