Historic Preservation & Energy Efficiency


There is a lot of information out there about replacing historic windows.  So how does one decide what's right for their historic property?  Below is some general guidance and research to help make an informed decision.      


The CT State Historic Preservation Office encourages historic property owners to save their historic windows whenever possible.  Here's some guidance to help determine whether windows can be repaired or should be replaced as well as information on how to choose a replacement window that is historically appropriate.

Repairing Historic Windows

Repairing historic windows can be daunting, but one doesn't always need a professional to make needed repairs.  Here are some tips and instructions on repairing historic windows as well as retrofitting historic windows to be more energy efficient.


Are replacement windows more energy efficient than historic windows? Is it more cost-effective in the long run to replace historic windows?  Below are some research documents to help property owners decide what is right for their property.