Dry Cleaning Remediation Fund


The Dry Cleaning Establishment Remediation Fund provides grants to eligible dry cleaning business operators and landlords for the assessment, cleanup, containment or mitigation of pollution resulting from releases of chemicals used in dry cleaning. The grants may also be used for measures undertaken to prevent such pollution, and for providing potable drinking water when necessary. Grant funds may work as a reimbursement program as well.

Funding Rounds

Applications are accepted only during such times that the CT DECD announces open application periods.

The total available funds that may be available for disbursement by the CT DECD for this program would depend upon (a) the number of dry cleaning establishments paying into the fund, and (b) the available balance from the sum of dry cleaning services gross receipts surcharge paid to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services on CT DRS form “OP-374 Connecticut Dry Cleaning Establishment Surcharge Return (Rev. 06/17)”.

CT DRS is the responsible State agency to collect the dry cleaning services surcharge taxes from around the state.

CT DECD is the responsible State agency for administering the applications to the program, the review and decision phases, and processing any payment requisitions for eligible applicants.

The Dry Cleaning Establishment Reimbursement Fund increases when dry cleaners remit the dry cleaning surcharge taxes to CT DRS, which deposits to the dedicated account, thus increasing the availability of funds for assessment and remediation activities.

The Fund balance decreases whenever CT DECD provides a grant for assessment and/or remediation projects.

Therefore, the number of projects to be funded under this program depends much on the number of dry cleaning operators that participate in collecting and remitting the taxes.

Current status 2021:

There is approximately $2 million in the Fund and 40 businesses already on the waiting list, therefore, the program is fully subscribed, and CT DECD is not expecting to conduct a new intake round nor accept any new applications for dry cleaning funds at this time. Only those applicants in the DECD Pipeline on the waiting list would be reviewed next.

Click here for the list of dry cleaning establishments that have submitted a completed intake form (updated 6-11-2021).

Dry Cleaning Fund Public Meetings 

2019-08-29: Click here for the meeting agenda, attendee list and minutes.


If you have any questions please email drycleaning@ct.gov.

or the DECD Program Manager and Project Manager:
Maya Loewenberg, maya.loewenberg@ct.gov, 860-500-2455