Municipal Development


Through the Office of Capital Projects (OCP), the Department of Economic and Community development (DECD) offers a variety of financial resources to support municipal development with a special focus on building strong town centers, revitalizing downtowns, providing infrastructure, and strengthening communities by supporting the arts, tourism and other growth-based and conservation projects. 

Access Project Support

The Office of Capital Projects (OCP) manages and administers a wide variety of programs to support municipal development work, including:

Contract and Project Assistance
Access engineering and construction support services for programs administered by the Office of Capital Projects and other DECD offices.

Construction/Project Management
Find bidding, contracting, and construction guidelines for professional services and project planning.

Environmental Compliance
Find resources and documents to assist in compliance with the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA).

Flood Management
Access information on Connecticut’s floodplain as well as certification application and permit guidelines.

Brownfields Remediation Regulations (RSRs)
Find guidance and information on Connecticut’s Remediation Regulations.

Explore Funding Opportunities

Putting resources toward the strengthening of Connecticut’s towns and cities is a priority for the Office of Capital Projects (OCP). Here are just a few of the opportunities for funding that are available:

Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP)
Learn about STEAP fund usage, eligibility, find an application and view success stories.

Urban Act Grants
Apply for grants open to economically distressed municipalities, public investment communities and urban centers.

Brownfields Redevelopment
Find information on funding and links to resources from The Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development (OBRD).

Transit-Oriented Development Fund
Search competitive grant programs that provide transit project funding for municipalities and regional councils of government.

Review Incentives/Liability Relief

There is a range of incentives and tax relief programs available for municipal development projects, including:

Liability Relief Programs
View relief programs for abandoned Brownfield cleanup, remediation and revitalization.

Enterprise Zones
Access incentives for eligible business to relocate and/or expand projects within a designated district

Brownfield Tax Increment Financing
Explore program offering financing to fund Brownfield redevelopment projects through future property taxes. 

Remediation Options
Find options and resources related to the remediation of polluted properties.

Success Stories

The Office of Community Development has case studies showing a variety of municipal development success stories.

View Success Stories