Mid-to-Large Businesses


Connecticut is home to a growing number of mid-size and large businesses, including many leaders in financial services, healthcare, bioscience, aerospace, green technology, advanced manufacturing and a host of other industry sectors. Among the many factors that make Connecticut so conducive to their growth is that we have such a talented and highly productive workforce. What also makes Connecticut such a supportive ecosystem is that these larger corporations and OEMs can tap a diverse array of smaller businesses.

Key Facts

  • More than 2,100 businesses in Connecticut employ more than 500 people each. Source: SBA
  • Connecticut ranks seventh in the U.S. for number of S&P 500 headquarters. Source: CBIA
  • While Connecticut is small in size (ranking 48th in terms of total land area), it ranks fourth in terms of per capita gross state product. Source: U.S. Census
  • Connecticut is home base for 14 of the country’s Fortune 500 businesses. Source: Fortune

Business Support

We’ve highlighted a few types of support that may be particularly helpful for larger businesses. But please explore the rest of our site to learn more about the array of tax incentives, funding opportunities and technical resources we offer for all types of businesses.


  • Economic and Manufacturing Assistance Act (MAA). For companies with well-strategized projects that have strong economic development potential, DECD’s traditional loan program offers low-interest loans with flexible rates and terms for companies across a broad range of industries. These support packages are tailored for each eligible company.


  • Enterprise Zones. To spur economic growth in targeted geographic areas, Connecticut has created 10 Enterprise Zones. Learn more about the tax advantages these zones may offer as you consider your next move.
  • Opportunity Zones. In 27 municipalities across Connecticut, there are 72 Opportunity Zones now designated by the federal government. Explore the federal tax incentives and other support available for businesses that develop properties and spur economic growth in these Opportunity Zones.


  • Site Locator. Through this one site, you can search for available properties all across the site that may be ideal for your relocation or expansion.

Success Stories

Hear from a few business leaders who are leveraging Connecticut’s strength to grow their businesses.


Fuel Cell Energy CEO and President Chip Bottone on why Connecticut is an ideal global hub.


 Pegasus Manufacturing President Chris DiPentima on expanding in Middletown.


 Webster Bank Chairman and CEO Jim Smith on maintaining their global headquarters in Waterbury.


 The Navigators Group CEO Stan Galanski on relocating their headquarters from New York to Stamford.