READI Now is part of a professional development series designed to serve creatives looking to build a career in the arts and entertainment industry.  READI Now are masterclass videos by young creative professionals who are making an impact and blazing a trail for their generation and future generations.

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READI Now:  Meet Anthony Valentine

Entrepreneur Anthony Valentine was inspired to create a social impact startup company after mentoring Connecticut high school students. He created the Kulture brand and Kulture Magazine as tools to inspire creativity and innovation for high school and college-aged students.

READI Now:  Meet Kolton Harris

Kolton Harris is an artist, actor, musician, director, creative and thinker. He is currently the Creative Director at Writer’s Block Ink in New London, Connecticut, where he facilitates the creative exploration of young people as they address and create art centered around igniting social change through original works of theater. He strives to empower others to understand the creative power that exists in every human being, allowing them space to sharpen their voice and use their gifts to advance humanity through innovative approaches.

READI Now:  Meet Brea Simone

Dedicated, motivated, and independent; Brea Simone is a woman of hard work and success. 25 years old and a proud native of Connecticut, Brea Simone strives herself on providing a positive platform for others to create and gain awareness from her extensive network of talented individuals. Known as the "Connector of Dots," Brea guarantees if she cannot find a solution for what you may need, she will connect you with someone who can. Whether it's a category such as art, music, photography, personal training, etc; your point of interest will become connected like dots.

READI Now:  Meet Marisol Credle

Marisol Credle began her career with research at Yale University, gaining unparalleled experience in project management, while establishing herself as a respected online influencer. She has used her social media platforms to empower, educate, and motivate individuals to discover their gifts and share with the world. She is the co-creator of Mission Mindset, an online talk show exclusive on Facebook sharing topics, interviews, and education around career, family, self- development, and relationships. Her latest venture is Top Secret Songwriter, an affordable starter kit for music creatives looking to start their own brand and business from home.

READI Now:  Meet Meghan McGee

Meghan McGee is a senior at the University of Hartford.  She is majoring in marketing with a minor in communications. Meghan has been interning with the Connecticut Office of the Arts since the spring of 2018. She supports COA in their mission to provide young creatives a platform to express themselves. Her work with the COA has inspired her to continue to work in the arts.