Frequently Asked Questions


An Information Session was held on Thursday, May 20 from 12 noon - 1 PM via Zoom. 
You can watch it HERE

1. Where does this funding come from?

CT Museums - Kids Are Free Summer grant program and other financially accessible summer enrichment opportunities to families and children of all ages are being funded by the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act and the 2021 Emergency and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER).  Governor Lamont is proposing a $15 million investment from the state's federal recovery funds to the participating museums.  The CT Museums - Kids are Free Summer grant program is dependent on the disbursement of American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) funds and the necessary authorization from the state legislature. All funding associated with this program is contingent upon such approval.

2. Who is eligible to apply?

Please visit the Eligibility page to review all requirements.

3.  Are the grant funds to cover lost revenue or was intended to be used for a different purpose?   If awarded, what can funds be used towards?
The grant funds are to offset lost revenue from admission.  The awarded grant funds are unrestricted general operating support  that can be applied where needed by the organization.

4.  What if we don’t charge admission, can we participate anyway?

Any museum in Connecticut may participate in the initiative regardless of whether they apply for or are eligible for funding. Organizations choosing to participate in the free admission initiative but not applying for funding are invited to join the listing by registering here.  Also, please review Question/Answer #7.

5. We don’t track data in the way requested, is it OK if we provide estimated data?

We ask applicants to report actual figures whenever possible, but estimates are acceptable where certain figures aren’t tracked.  (i.e., estimate of % of CT vs Out-of-State visitation if a museum doesn’t differentiate).  Within the application, there is an opportunity to indicate how you get your data and one of the option is "best estimate".

6. The application asks for a financial document that details the revenue and expenses for 2019.  May we submit our IRS Form 990 or do you want a more detailed financial document?

Please submit a detailed financial statement, not your 990.

7.  We are an operating museum but have never charged admission.  However, we just completed and will be opening a major section/exhibition for which we will be charging admission.   Are we eligible to apply for this program?  If yes and the amount is based in admission revenue in 2019, how would I calculate that?

Yes, you may apply since you will be charging fees in 2021.  Estimate from the number of walk-in visitors in 2019, and then explain in the text box in the application that you will be charging admission in 2021, but did not in 2019 because the section/exhibit was under construction/not open. Give us as much information as you are able based on past attendance. 

8.  Do we count groups in our attendance numbers?

Your attendance should be based on the number of individual visitors.

9.  If we don't qualify to receive funding, what benefit is there to participate in this initiative?

By participating as a non-funded museum, your museum will benefit from the state’s marketing and promotion. Organizations choosing to participate in the free admission initiative but not applying for funding are invited to join the listing by registering here.

10.  How will we know what our award will be?

We will not know the amount of the awards until we receive and review all the requests for funding.  After that time, you will receive an email from the grants management system through which you applied indicating the amount of you award. You will then be asked to accept the grant award or to decline.

11. After the grant contract is completed, when will we receive the actual funds?

At this point, we do not have an answer to that question. We expect to know more after the funding for this program is approved by the legislature. Please visit this webpage again for updates.

12. I interpreted all of the verbiage strictly as admission/visitation only for 2019. Can you confirm that this would not include any classes or programs (studio classes, community days – free or paid), and groups (school tours, home-school days – grant-funded or paid).

Only walk-in, individual visitors in 2019 should be counted in your admission/visitation numbers.  If you were closed in 2019 due to construction, renovations, etc. you may use numbers from 2018.  Do not count classes, programs or group/school tours in your attendance numbers.

13.  We are not open to the public for eight (8) a week, why does this make us ineligible?

The program guidelines have been updated!  If you are open less than (8) hours per week but are also available to the public by appointment, please apply and note this in the narrative section.

14.  We have a tiny operating budget - well under $25,000 per year -  but we do charge for admission.  Are we eligible?

The program guidelines have been updated!  If your museum's annual budget is under $25,000 but you charge admission for children and/or adults accompanying children, you may apply to the program.  Please proceed with an application to Connecticut Humanities.  Click HERE to be re-directed to their website.