State Troubadour

Review Process

A peer panel will review eligible applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Musicianship in singing and songwriting (15 points)
    • Likelihood of Connecticut song to promote cultural literacy.
    • Body of the musician's work: substantial songwriting, performance, and recording experience (including original work).
    • Experience with diverse audiences (educational, community, etc.)
  • Alignment with COA's READI Framework (5 points)
  • Commitment and availability to serve as an ambassador of music and song and to promote cultural literacy among Connecticut citizens (5 points)
  • Goals for accomplishments as troubadour relevant to the honorary position (5 points)

COA and Panel Reviewers reserve the right to request further information from applicants and/or review publicly accessible information, articles, etc. about the applicant as a way to conduct a thorough and thoughtful panel review process.