State Troubadour


State Troubadour Term Requirements and Grant Requirements are noted below:

Term Requirements
  • Promote the State of Connecticut song
  • Present a minimum of three events each year as requested by COA. These may include:
    • Connecticut Arts Day,
    • Connecticut Day at the Big E,
    • Arts Heroes
    • Other COA events
  • Serve as an ambassador of music and song
    • Foster public appreciation of and participation in song
    • Promote cultural literacy* among Connecticut citizens
  • The State Troubadour shall serve for a term of three years
  • The State Troubadour shall receive an annual stipend of $2,500 for a total of $7,500 for three years
  • The State Troubadour shall maintain primary residency in Connecticut during his or her term (Must actually live in CT for a minimum of 10 months per year)
  • COA reserves the right to revoke the tenure of the State Troubadour should the Troubadour fail to fulfill duties or move out of state during the service period.
Grant Requirements
  • The State Troubadour will enter into a new contract with the State of Connecticut for each year of the 3-year term and will be required to:
    • supply proof of current Connecticut residency status
    • submit a W9 and state vendor form
    • sign a state contract confirming compliance with program eligibility
  • Tax Liability - awards are taxable. If concerned about tax liability please consult with an accountant. COA does not provide tax assistance.
  • Where appropriate, credit COA/DECD in all print, audio, video, and publicity materials (press releases, brochures,. advertisements, etc.)
  • The Troubadour must comply with the Connecticut Office of the Arts Overview Guidelines
  • The Troubadour will be required to submit a final report at the end of the three-year term (annual reports my also be required).