State Troubadour

Frequently Asked Questions

The Connecticut State Troubadour Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will be updated on an ongoing basis is response to program inquiries.

  • Does a Troubadour need to be a folk artist?
    • No

  • Can a Troubadour be a group or does it need to be an individual?
    • A Troubadour must be an individual.

  • Does the number of nominations an individual receives influence the review?
    • No
  • If the troubadour needs accompaniment to perform at COA's 3 required events, will COA cover additional costs for other musicians? 
    • The troubadour should be able to perform solo. Additional expenses incurred are the responsibility of the troubadour unless expressly requested by and negotiated with COA in advance. 
  • May the troubadour accept requests to perform as troubadour at other events?
    • Yes, the troubadour's responsibility is to represent the State of Connecticut and promote cultural literacy through song. The troubadour is encouraged to accept other engagements (in addition to the 3 required by contract). In these cases, the troubadour must negotiate payment for these events with the event organizer.