State Poet Laureate

Application Process

We are not accepting nominations or applications at this time. The content below is for informational purposes only.

COA will process nominations on an ongoing basis and will invite nominated poets to submit an application for consideration. Applications and requested materials must be submitted through COA's online e-granting portal and only by Connecticut poets who receive a nomination from a Connecticut resident.

Applicants will establish an account (or use their existing account) and may save and edit application responses up until the final submittal. No changes can be made once the application is submitted for review.

The application will include:

Honorary Position Selection (e-grant form)

In this section you will complete your basic contact information and will provide your Legislative Districts. Go to Find Your Legislators to obtain this information. You will be required to enter the following:

  • State Representative (name and district #)
  • State Senator (name and district #)
  • US Congressperson (name and district #)
  • US Senator (name)
  • US Senator (name)
State Poet Laureate Application(e-grant form)

In this section you will complete the questions below. While the e-grant system allows you to save your application as you complete it, we advise you to work off-line and copy and paste your narrative responses into the application.

  • Provide a link to your website (if available)
  • Provide links to professional social media sites and/or links where your work can be found online (if available)
  • List four (4) readings/engagements where you have performed/presented original poetry in the last two years (virtual and/or in-person). For each reading/engagement indicate the venue, the approximate number of audience members attending, the overall audience demographics and target audience. You may also provide links (if available).
  • Summarize your experience at these readings and engagements. (150 word limit)
  • Share your thoughts and aspirations on public readings and engagements as Connecticut's State Poet Laureate. Consider how your aspirations align with COA's READI values. (250 word limit)
  • Express your interest and commitment to this role and indicate why now is the appropriate time for you to serve as the CT State Poet Laureate. (250 word limit)
  • What would you like to accomplish during your three (3) year term as Connecticut's Poet Laureate? (250 word limit)
  • Upload your Work Sample (document upload not to exceed 20 pages in length).
  • Summarize the Work Sample included in your application and indicate why this body of work was selected as part of this application. (200 word limit)

The Connecticut Office of the Arts partners with Regional Service Organizations (RSO) that serve as local field offices. This statewide network plays a key role in supporting CT's creative economy, the regional arts and cultural infrastructure, and COA’s goals, programs and services. Please select your region (or regions, if your town is shared by more than one). A complete list of towns represented by each region is available on the COA website.

  • Arts & Culture Collaborative, Waterbury Region
  • Arts Council of Greater New Haven
  • Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County
  • Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut
  • Cultural Coalition - Northwest Region
  • Cultural Coalition - Southeast Region
  • Greater Hartford Arts Council
  • Northwest Connecticut Arts Council
  • Shoreline Arts Alliance

Please share your self-identification. Check all that apply.

  • Black / African / African American
  • Afro Latino / a/x
  • Caribbean
  • Chicano / a/x
  • Mexican
  • Central American
  • South American
  • Middle Eastern / North African
  • Southeast Asian / Asian
  • Pacific Islander / Native Hawaiian
  • Native Alaskan
  • American Indian
  • White / Caucasian (origins in Europe, Middle East or North Africa)
  • Other, please specify
  • I prefer not to answer


Upload a 1-2 page resume (not to exceed two pages in length). Your resume should include career accomplishments as a poet such as awards and recognition, published work, readings and/or performances, education and training, etc.

The Application Deadline is on or before 11:59pm, April 5, 2022.