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Final Reports

Arts Project Grant Program

Grantees must complete the final report online using COA's Constant Contact platform at http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07eh7n7qwzkcuodmwd/start

Please note, when using Constant Contacts, you will not be able to save and return later. You must be prepared to complete the online portion of your final report in its entirety once you begin. Please review the questions (below) and prepare your answers. Then complete and email your final budget and National Standards forms to tamara.dimitri@ct.gov.

Final Report Questions

  1. Name of Grantee as listed on your grant contract
  2. Contact Person associated with the grant (name, title, phone, email)
  3. Grant Amount Received
  4. Enter your Final Project Start and End dates 
  5. Provide a final list of the primary town(s) where the project's main activities occurred (up to 50 character count)
  6. Describe your project by selecting from the list below (check all that apply):
    • Open to the general public
    • Restricted to a particular population
    • Age-specific
    • Inter-generational
    • Business / Economic Activity
    • Educational (in the classroom)
    • Educational (in the community)
    • Admission fee charged
    • Free admission
    • One-time activity/project
    • Ongoing activity/project
  7. Identify the primary Connecticut artist(s) engaged in your project. For each artist, provide their name and the town they reside in (up to 350 character count).
  8. In which aspects of your project was/were the artist(s) involved (check all that apply):
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Assessment
    • Other: Please Specify
  9. Enter the total number of artists (CT artist and non-CT artists) directly involved in providing art or arts services.
  10. Enter the total number of CT artist(s) that received financial compensation from your project for their services.
  11. Provide a brief summary of your project and highlight significant project activities (up to 1,000 character count).
  12. Explain the ways in which you feel that your project was a success and/or how your project could have been more successful (up to 1,000 character count).
  13. Explain any significant changes that occurred to your project from the original application submitted and approved and indicate why these changes were made, if applicable (up to 1,000 character count). 
  14. Accessibility: Explain how you made your funded activities equitably accessible to those with varying abilities (up to 350 character count).
  15. Credit & Publicity: Explain how DECD/COA was credited for its support of your project (up to 350 character count).
  16. Budget Narrative: Clarify any budget entries and/or changes to your original budget that are greater than +/-20% to the project's actual/ending income and expenses, if applicable (up to 350 character count).
  17. Certification: The submitter certifies that the information contained in this report and all its supporting documents are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and that all expenditures were incurred solely for the purpose of the grant. 
    • yes
    • no
  18. Enter the name of the submitter. 

Required Forms

  1. Budget Form (for Arts Project)
  2. National Standards for Arts Information Exchange Data Form*:  PDF & WORD

The Connecticut Office of the Arts, as a recipient of federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), is required to report specific information to the NEA to document grant activities. * Grantees are required to complete the National Standards for Arts Information Exchange Data Form in its entirety.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the grantee for completion. 

Email your completed forms (budget and National Standards form) to tamara.dimitri@ct.gov


For assistance, please contact the program's manager Tamara Dimitri by email.