Directory of Teaching Artists


The Office of the Arts’ Directory of Teaching Artists is a reliable resource of high-quality Connecticut teaching artists who have been juried for their excellence in their art forms as well as their readiness, capacity and desire to work in schools and in community settings.  

You can find teachers in this directory by searching the disciplines listed below:


Teaching artists who meet the following eligibility criteria may apply to be included in COA’s Directory of Teaching Artists. Artists must be:

  • 18 years or older and a resident of Connecticut;
  • professionally active in their arts discipline;
  • available for teaching engagements in a variety of educational and community settings in Connecticut throughout the year;
  • willing to participate in professional development as outlined.  

Selection Process

Once individual artists submit a complete application along with their required support materials, they will be reviewed for eligibility. (Note: only ineligible applicants will be notified after the initial review.)

  • Eligible applicants will advance to the teaching artist review where a panel of artists, educators and administrators will review their applications and support materials periodically throughout the year.
  • After the teaching artist review, applicants may be invited to participate in an in-person interview.
  • Applicants may also be asked to schedule an observable sample lesson

How to Apply

The Connecticut Office of the Arts is now accepting new artists to its teaching artist roster! We encourage interested artists to complete the application form and upload support documents that highlight your work as an artist as well as your work with students.

For organizations that have teaching artists on staff who conduct residencies, please note that each artist must apply to the Directory individually. 

  1. Review the Directory Guidelines to become familiar with the types of support documents and materials required when you apply. 
  2. You may also want to review the Frequently Asked Questions about this program. 
  3. Log in or set up an account here and complete your application. 

Please note: 

  • COA’s Directory ensures a level of expertise determined through a rigorous application and review process.
  • The Directory serves as a catalogue from which presenters (entities that hire artists) may choose when applying to COA for fee support grants.
  • Inclusion in the Directory does not guarantee employment.
  • Inclusion in the Directory requires teaching artists to remain in good standing and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development.


For more information, contact Bonnie Koba at