Camp Harkness How to Obtain a Camp Pass

Open with Restrictions. Reservations are required.

Reopening updates March 23, 2021: DDS Camp Harkness Reopening Updates

How to Obtain a Camp Pass
Any Connecticut resident with a disability may obtain a Camp HarknessPass.  There is no age restriction and parents/guardians of a child with a disability may apply for a Pass on the child’s behalf.  The definition of disability, for purposes of obtaining a Camp Harkness pass,is any physical or mental impairment that substantially  limits one’s major life activity.  A physician’s signature and stamp are required on the application.  Since  passes are issued by the Department of Developmental Services , individuals receiving our services need only providea Case Manager signature or provide us with a DDS number  (see Individual Pass Application).
 Or call Jacqueline Staller at (860) 443-7818 or
Passes are for use only when the Pass holder is present.  All passes are non-transferable.   Passes may be revoked in the event of serious rule violations at the discretion of the Camp Director or designee.