Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)- Information for Self-Direction and Employers of Record

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a telephonic and computer-based system that documents the precise visit times and services provided by your staff.
I am an EOR and have EVV related questions. Who do I contact?
Contact your FI (Sunset Shores or Allied) if you need to:
  • Update your email
  • Update your address
  • Update your phone number
  • Update the location of the supports/services being provided
All other questions should go to the DDS EVV Customer Support at 1-833-656-1021
EVV Communications
Electronic Visit Verification System Resources (EOR EVV quick guide - Translated Documents)
Training Resources
Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) Resources
Sandata Mobile Connect APP (SMC) Resources
EVV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Additional Resources
  • EVV system questions for Self-Direction, please  contact Customer Support 1-833-656-1021
  • EVV questions pertaining to EVV-related programmatic issues that arise will be addressed in the individuals IP.
*Please note, many of the documents posted on this page may use the term “client” to reference individuals served by the department.  DDS is a person-first agency and does not support the use of the word “client” in reference to individuals served by the department or anyone with a disability.  However, our EVV partners have system constraints that do not allow us to make the necessary changes to these documents.  We apologize and continue to stand firmly with the person-first initiative.