Assistive Technology (AT) & Me Program
Gaining Independence through Technology 

Using digital media safely and independently has become an important skill to have. Many tasks today can only be completed online, like applying for a job, scheduling a covid test, paying bills, or ordering a ride from Uber or Lyft. 
To support people with intellectual disabilities who receive support from DDS, there is a program called AT and Me which helps individuals learn how to use assistive technology (AT) in their everyday lives with everyday tasks. This program uses a kind of training called “Peer to Peer” where people learn from and teach each other, creating a unique and helpful learning experience. 

To qualify, you must be able to use the technology from the AT & Me backpack and train two other people. Approved participants will receive free Assistive Technology (AT) equipment such as a cell phone, laptop, internet hotspot and wireless headphones. 

Please contact your Case Manager if you have questions or would like to apply for AT & Me.