National Core Indicators

National Core Indicators  
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The National Core Indicator Survey (NCI) is the primary way the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) gets to hear from individuals and families supported by our department about their experience receiving supports and living their lives.  The NCI feedback allows us to compare the experience of individuals in Connecticut to states all across the country.  It is used by DDS  to better align strategic activities, set improvement targets, and understand what is changing over time.  Specific areas of interest include individuals’ feelings of choice and control in how they plan and live their lives, how much people are working and being paid in integrated settings, how safe people feel, how responsive and effective our case management system is, how people participate in their communities, access to friends and family, and how many people are involved in advocacy activities.

Explore the information on this page or visit the National Core Indicators website to learn more.

NCI At a Glance 2016-17 Connecticut

NCI slides for posters 2016-17

NCI At a Glance 2016-17 Connecticut Spanish

NCI slides for posters 2016-17 Spanish