COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) Updates for DDS Providers

General Provider Memos regarding COVID-19

Memo to Day Program Providers 3-27-20

Visits to Individual and Family Homes 3-24-20

Letter from DDS Commissioner 3-20-20

Modes of Service Provision 3-20-2020

Emergency IHS Guidelines 3-19-2020

Health and Wellness Check-in Questions 3-18-20

EO 7 Implementation Order 3-17-20

Memo to Providers COVID-19 3-16-20

DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report Instructions 3-13-20
DDS COVID-19 Provider Status Report 3-13-20

Provider Update 3-13-20

DDS Memo to Providers COVID-19 Guidance 3-11-20

Provider COOP Plans and COVID-19 Preparedness 3-2-20

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding DDS Provider Guidance on COVID-19 3-24-20 (Updated: As of March 24, 2020)

Health Nursing FAQ 3-19-20 (Updated: As of March 19, 2020)

Funding and COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Guidance

Self Determination COVID-19 3-27-20

DSS guidance regarding billing for Adult Day Services for participants who are not able to attend the center in person. 3-26-20

Provider COVID-19 Funding 3-17-20

Clinical Guidance

Hospital Admissions Emergency Department Notice 3-27-20

DDS COVID-19 Front Door Screening 3-25-20
DDS COVID-19 Front Door Screening 3-25-20

Protocol for Residential Staff Exposures and COVID-19 Positive Testing 3-25-20

COVID-19 - Med Admin Letter to Providers and DDS Public Programs - 3-17-20
Med Admin Leap Year Calendar - 30 - 90 - 180 Day Expiration Dates 3-17-20

Other Resources

Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program 3-26-20 3-13-20 3-17-20