COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) Updates for DDS Individuals and Families

Communications to All Individuals and Families

PPE Distribution November - January to Employers of Record Memo 10-31-2022

DDS Memo - COVID-19 CDC and DPH Resources for Individuals and Families 12-27-2021

DDS COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Individuals and Families 10-13-21
DDS COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Individuals and Families Spanish 10-13-21

Visitation Guidance - 3-16-2021

Respite Re-Opening 7-24-20

DDS Reopening Plans- Visitation Guidelines for Campus-Based Settings 6-24-20

DDS Visitation Reopening Plans Memo 6-12-20
COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template 6-12-20 updated 6-15-20
COVID-19 Family, Visitor and Home Visit Screening Protocol 6-12-20 updated 6-30-20
Sample Risk Notification template for Providers 6-12-20
Visitation Checklist 6-12-20
Consolidated Contact Tracing Form 6-12-20 updated 6-30-20

DDS Camp Harkness Reopening Memo 6-10-20

DDS Reopening Timeline Memo 6-5-20
DDS Reopening Timeline Memo Spanish en espanol 6-5-20

DDS Family Letter - Hospital Admissions Signed 4-28-20
DDS Family Letter - Hospital Admissions Signed Spanish en espanol 4-28-20

DDS Support Person - Hospital Admissions Emergency Department Notice 4-28-20
DDS Support Person - Hospital Admissions Emergency Department Notice - Spanish en espanol 4-28-20

Emergency Service Modifications 4-16-2020

Family Letter 4-2-20
Family Letter Spanish en espanol 4-2-20

Families Appendix K Approval 3-30-2020
Families Appendix K Approval Spanish en espanol 3-30-2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for DDS Individuals and Families regarding COVID-19 3-26-20

Emergency IHS Guidelines 3-19-2020

Health and Wellness Check-in Questions 3-18-20


Communications to Individuals and Families that Self Direct

DDS SD COVID Information 4-28-20

Essential Employee Notice from PCA Workforce Council 4-3-20

Self Determination COVID-19 3-27-20

COVID-19 Memo Non-Agency Based In-Home Caregivers 3-19-20

COVID-19 Memo Self Directed Members 3-19-20

PCA Guidance COVID-19 Flowchart 3-19-20

Self-Directed Employer Guidance COVID-19 Flowchart 3-19-20


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for Individuals and Families that Self-Direct

PPE Pick Up Poster December 2022 - January 2023 Flyer 

DDS SD Communication PPE In Person Monthly 12-11-20

PPE Letter to EORs 6-17-20

Link to Employer of Record PPE Supply Request Form:

Formulario de solicitud de suministro de PPE para empleadores de registro de DDS -

IFS IHS SD PPE Guidance 4-17-2020

Resources - RewardingWork

RewardingWork Connecting to Care Flyer 4-3-20

RewardingWork CT DDS Family Flyer 4-3-20

RewardingWork CT DDS Worker Flyer 4-3-20

RewardingWork CT Postcard Sample 4-3-20

RewardingWork Have You Seen Our New Website 4-3-20

RewardingWork New Website Welcome Letter 4-3-20

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I be tested for COVID-19? 4-23-20

Other Resources

American Rescue Plan Act - Paid Leave Benefits for DSP/PCAs

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Connecticut- State of CT website- { }

DPH CT Testing FAQ 06-18-2020

Best Practices for Virtual Communication with People with Disabilities 5-27-20

DSS Update Regarding Medicaid Coverage 5-8-20

Pediatric Behavioral Health Resources Quick Guide 7 5-8-20

"When it Builds Up, Talk it Out" 1-833-258-5011 For parents and caregivers who need someone to listen, to understand and to talk your feelings out.

CHDI - Supporting Families During Well-Child and other Visits : New Issues in the COVID-19 Environment 4-13-20

Disability Rights Connecticut: COVID-19 Flyer 4-9-20
Disability Rights Connecticut: COVID-19 Spanish Flyer 4-13-20

Visual Tools 1 Coronavirus Information 4-8-20

Visual Tools 2 COVID-19 Symptoms 4-8-20

Husky COVID-19 Resources 3-27-2020
Husky COVID-19 Resources in Spanish en espanol 3-27-20

CDC Video - What can I do to protect myself from COVID-19 4-3-20

CDC Video - How does COVID-19 spread? 4-3-20

CDC Video - 6 Steps to prevent COVID-19 4-3-20

CDC Video - 10 Things you can do to manage COVID-19 at home 4-3-20

Oregon - COVID-19 Explanation: Plain Language Video and Captioned 3-19-20 3-17-20

Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP): What to Advise Your Pediatric Patients During the COVID-19 Crisis 3-17-20

What In-home Social Service Providers and Clients Need to Know about COVID-19

Caring for Someone Sick at Home

Guidance for Direct Service Providers