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Parenting Support Services empower parents with an intellectual disability to increase their confidence and competence in their parenting abilities; enhance their children’s development, establish positive relationships with their children’s schools and make meaningful community connections.  Support is available from the first trimester until their child is 18 years old.  Parents may request up to 4 hours of individualized child-focused parenting skills training per week. This service will be paid for through the parent’s existing budget allocation.  If there are extenuating circumstances, a request may be made to PRAT for additional funds for these services.

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All parents have questions about how to be a better parent. We all need support and advice at times. Being a parent isn’t easy! This NEW service will help you learn new ways to help your child, do things at home and connect to your community.  You and your parent support service provider will decide what your parenting strengths are and what you would like help with.  Together you will decide what you want to work on and make a plan.  For more information on parenting ideas and supports go to The Consumer Corner Website  and follow the link to Parents with Intellectual Disability

For Information on how to hire a Parenting Support Service Provider, Contact your Case Manager, directly.

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The Resources Link under the Provider Gateway includes a new topic: Parents with Intellectual Disability which provides access to information about supporting, designing and implementing strengths-based services for parents with an intellectual disability.  It includes family resources, support groups, parent training and conferences to share with parents you will provide supports to.  For more information and a description about the NEW Parenting Support Service follow the link to Waiver Information on the DDS website.  For information on becoming a qualified Parenting Support Service Provider contact:


For more parenting resources go to:

Parents with Intellectual Disability link on the Consumer Corner Website