Medication Administration
Training and Certification Program
Program overview:
DDS implemented regulations for the Medication Administration Certification Program in 1988. The regulation allows for the use unlicensed certified personnel to pour and pass medications in DDS licensed or funded facilities of 15 people or less under the supervision of the agency registered nurse. DDS and its providers using unlicensed certified personnel to pass medications must first successfully complete the initial certification process and then to maintain biennial re-certification.
The certification program is a post-employment program and only staff of DDS or its provider agencies may obtain certification. Staff may only be enrolled into the process by the agency director or designee.
The initial certification program consists of four components: Instruction in theory, laboratory practicum, written exam, and the on-site practicum. DDS provides approximately 85 med courses per year available to DDS and provider staff. The DDS endorsed instructor course fulfill the first two components. The certification written exam is provided by community colleges located throughout the state. The on-site practicum must be completed at the worksite once the employee obtains a medication certification card verifying baseline competency.
Re-certification is an in-house process implemented under DDS guidelines. Certified staff must successfully complete the biennial written exam and on-site practicum with the RN within the 90-day period prior to the certification expiration date.