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Fillable PDF being developed

Form being developed.
Sample questions include:
1.   Location of known problem, specifically identify the area of your home where the defect is
2.   Date that your home was built.
3.   Date that you purchased the home.
4.   Specifically describe the problem, if you have photos identifying the problem please
      provide them.
5.   Name of the seller of the home and their current address.
6.   Was a real estate disclosure form completed.
7.   Real estate agent’s name and broker’s name who sold you your home.  
8.   Was a home inspection completed. Please provide the name of the individual who
       inspected your home.
9.   If known, please identify the company that poured the foundation. 
11. If any repairs were made, please provide the contractor name and address and describe
       the nature of the repairs.
12. Name and address of your attorney, if you have one.