Operating Stationary Engineer Licenses and Scope of Work


The holder of this license may perform operation related work. “Operation” means a work discipline that employs technical knowledge and expertise in the manipulation, adjustment, control and monitoring of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and boilers, with sufficient technical knowledge, as determined by the commissioner, and includes (i) heating systems with a steam or water boiler maximum operating pressure greater than fifteen pounds per square inch gauge, or air conditioning or refrigeration systems with an aggregate of more than fifty horsepower or kilowatt equivalency of fifty horsepower or of two hundred pounds of refrigerant.

This license also permits incidental maintenance, directly on or adjacent to such operating equipment, including daily blow downs, sample and adjust chemical treatment, clean fuel filters, change fuel nozzle, clean strainers and changing of existing fuel types. Refrigeration plant operators may clean condenser water strainers, sample and adjust chemical treatment and perform absorber air purges. This license does not permit any replacement or revisions to existing piping of any system type. Such person may only perform such work while in the employ of properly licensed contractor or as an employee of a building owner for work on the premises owned or leased by such employer.