Out of State Retailer Shipper for Wine Permit


Definition of Permit: (covered under Public Act 19-24)

An out of state retailer shippers permit for wine (LOR) shall allow the sale and shipment of wine directly to a consumer in this state.


Can my company apply for this permit if they already hold another Out of State Shipper’s permit?
Yes. The holder of an out of state shipper permit may hold the out of state retailer shipper for wine permit.

Permit Requirements:

  • Home State Permit: A copy of the your home state permit is required
  • CT Secretary of the State: Proof that your company is registered for business in the state of Connecticut
  • CT Sales and Use Tax Permit: Contact DRS Excise Tax Unit at (860) 541-3224
  • CT Alcoholic Beverages Distributor License: Contact DRS Excise Tax Unit at (860) 541-3224


Type of Permit

Application Filing Fee

Initial Permit Fee

Total Fee Due

Out-of-State Retailer Shippers Permit for Wine

$100.00 +

$600.00 =


Starting a New Application:

To start the simplified online application and payment process, click 'Apply Online,' Complete the Registration process in the name of your company, (or Sign In) and then select the ‘Out of State Retailer Shipper for Wine’ permit application.

apply online



  • This is an Online Application Only
  • The backer entity listed on this permit will only sell directly to consumers in Connecticut, wine products that have an approved COLA on file with the federal TTB. For those products that are already registered in Connecticut and have appointed wholesaler(s), the backer entity will not sell below minimum bottle price.
  • If the holder of the Out-of-State Retailer Shipper’s Permit for Wine” wishes to make its own deliveries, then it must obtain an In-State Transporter’s Permit  If it does not wish to transport its product, it must use a business entity which has an In-State Transporter’s permit (section 30-19f) issued by DCP.  Find a licensed Transporter here: https://data.ct.gov/Business/Transporters/bfmk-issi/data
  • May not ship more than five (5) gallons of wine in any two-month period to any person in this state
  • The holder of this permit, when advertising or offering wine for direct wine shipment to a consumer in this state via the Internet or any other on-line computer network shall clearly and conspicuously state such liquor permit number in its advertising.