Lemon Law Online Application Instructions

  1. Go to the online system: https://www.elicense.ct.gov/ (this will open in a separate window)
  2. Login or Register - this allows you to save your complaint and return later to complete and submit it.
  3. Select "File a Complaint" under "More Online Services" at the bottom of the screen

  4. Click on "File a New Complaint"

  5. At the bottom of the "Account Information" screen, click on "Switch to Lookup".
    click lookup button
  6. Under "License Type", select "LEMON LAW - MANUFACTURER (LLM)" and click "Submit" at the bottom 
    submit button

  7. Find the manufacturer of your vehicle in the list, and click "Detail" to the left of their name
    NOTE: Vehicles are sometimes manufactured under names different from the brand. For example, Acura is manufactured by American Honda Corp. You can find your vehicles manufacturer on your warranty information. You can also view a list of vehicle brands/makes and who the standard manufacturer is.

  8. At the bottom, click "File Complaint or Report"

  9. Click on the "LLM.#######" license number ("Board Description" will be "Trade Practices")

  10. Follow the instructions on the complaint form, clicking "Next" at the bottom of each screen. Should you wish to stop and save your work, you can click "Close and Save". To return to your incomplete application, by logging in and returning to "File a Complaint" as in Step #3 above, and select "Continue" to the left of your complaint record.