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Wholesaler of Drugs, Medical Devices, and/or Cosmetics Outside of the State of Connecticut


This registration is required for businesses that reside outside the State of Connecticut and supply controlled substances, legend drugs, over-the-counter drugs, medical devices (legend or non-legend), or cosmetics to other wholesalers, manufacturers, prescribing practitioners, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.


Prior to obtaining this registration you will be required to complete our application and submit it with the appropriate fee and provide us with copies of your registration from your home state and any Federal Registrations that your company maintains (i.e. Drug Enforcement Administration).

Required Documentation:

  • Complete the application below and submit it with the appropriate fee.  
  • Home state license or waiver
  • Other Accreditation
    • Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD)
    • Joint Commission
    • Other

Applications, Forms & Other:

Application Fee:
  • Initial Application Fee - $190 for Wholesalers with NO controlled substances 
                                    $375 for Wholesalers with controlled substances  
  • Renewal Application Fee - $190 for Wholesalers with NO controlled substances 
                                       $375 for Wholesalers with controlled substances 
    •   Note: This registration expires annually on June 30th
Effective Immediately All Locations Which Store for Distribution Drugs, Medical Devices and/or Cosmetics within the State of Connecticut Must Be Separately Registered
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