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Syringe Services Machine Registration



The Syringe Services Program (SSP)is also referred to as the Syringe Exchange Programs (SEP)where a safe disposal of used syringes and needles can be safely exchanged for sterile needles and syringesusually facilitated through community-based programs.Participants enters these services program through an established program, who will allow access to secured syringe exchange machines. Permit for these Syringe Exchange Machines will be required through the Department of Consumer Protection under Sec. 21a-65 Sale of hypodermic needles and syringes restricted. 




What You Should Know Before You Apply:

Pursuant to Public Act 21-a65 (c) A registered syringe service electronic machine must have the following implemented:


  • Machine may provide a quantity of 10 or less hypodermic needles and syringes per transactions to authorized program participants.

  • Secured Machine may provide use to authorized patient specific access number, personalized magnetic strip card or any technology that identifies an individual 

  • Secured Machine shall prevent unauthorized access and be immobile.  

  • Secured Machine shall provide information on to obtain access to substance use treatment services to obtain access of product 

  • Machine shall only be placed in an area where contents can be stored within the manufacturers recommendation unless adequate environmental controls can be provided.

  • Secured machine must have a mechanism to accept syringes that have already been used or as part of the secured machine or an area around secured machine should be provided. 


An individual applying for this registration MUST provide the following information

  • Contact/Person in Charge
  • Manufacturer/Make of Machine

  • Model of Machine

  • Serial Number of Machine

  • Specification from manufacturer

  • Location (address) of Machine to be installed

  • Town zoning permit or clearance or permission from town where location of machine will be placed.

  • Indoor or *outdoor location 
    *If outdoor, information on adequate environmental controls independent of external environment must be provided to preserve the integrity of contents (needles/syringes) within the machine for safe use. 

  • Weight of machine
    If less than 750 pounds, additional information on how machine will be secured or rendered immobile by which mechanisms will be used to secure placement of machine at registered location.

  • Machine shall provide adequate space to store all contents (needles/syringes) required to be kept safe within machine.

  • Machine can include a secure mechanism to accept used needles/syringes, or a secured way disposal of used needles/syringes must be provided. 


Required Documentation:


Upload of Specifications from the manufacturer for syringe exchange machine being registered.




All applications for this registration will be required to have all the above outlined requisites and an application on file with the Department of Consumer Protection prior to installation of the syringe exchange machine to proceed with the Registration application.  You will receive an email upon submission with instruction on how to proceed.


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No Application Fee


No renewal will be required for this registration.  Registration will only be for the approved location of the specific syringe exchange machine submitted through this online registration process.  Relocation or removal or aninoperable status of the registered machine must be immediately reported to the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Division at

Other Important Information: