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Historically, a group of compounds that have amphetamine-like effects. They have no approved medical use.

  • Classification: Stimulants
  • Partial listing of compounds :  
    • BZP (N-Benzylpiperazine)
    • mCPP
    • MeOPP
    • pFPP
    • 1-[3-(Trifluoro-methyl)-piperazine]
  • Availability:   Tablets, capsules, powder

  • Observed Behavior :   Decreased appetite, dilated pupils, insomnia, dizziness, hallucinations

  • Observed Negative Effects:   Hypertension, tachycardia, increased respiration, anxiety, paranoia, blurred vision, delusions.

  • Street Names:  
    • BZP
    • A2
    • Frenzy
    • Nemesis
    • TFMPP

  • Street Pricing: Unknown

  • Schedule:   Most Piperazines are Schedule-I by federal law
  • Charges: Federal charges apply; may be found on DEA website under Diversion Control.