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Historically, a group of three products recently encountered on the designer drug market:

    • 25I-NBOMe
    • 25C-NBOMe
    • 25B-NBOMe

  • Classification: Hallucinogenic, LSD-like, they target the same Serotonin receptor sites as LSD

  • Availability: In-line and through illicit channels. Available as powders, liquids, laced on edible items, and blotter papers

  • Observed Behavior: Hallucinations

  • Observed Negative Effects: In higher doses, seizures, cardiac and respiratory arrest and death

  • Street Names:  
    • N-bomb
    • Smiles
    • 25I
    • 25C
    • 25B

  • Street Pricing:   Unknown

  • Schedule:   Not currently scheduled, if intended for human consumption, may each be treated as a “controlled substance analog” under the Controlled Substance Act   21 U.S.C. 802(32)(A) and 813

  •   Charges:   See schedule above