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  • Common Brand Name:      Ativan
  • Abuse Potential:               High
  • Available as:                    Tablets, oral solution, solution for injection
  • Consumption:                  Swallowed or injected
  • Common Street Names:
    • Benzos
    • Tranqs
    • Downers
    • Nerve Pills
  • Street Value:
    • 0.5mg to 1mg - $1
    • 2mg - $4
Ativan .5mg          Ativan 1mg
                    Ativan 0.5 mg                                                Ativan 1mg    
                                  Ativan 2mg
                                                       Ativan 2mg
Mylan 0.5mg          Mylan 1mg
                    Mylan 0.5 mg                                                  Mylan 1mg
                                 Ativan 2mg
                                                      Mylan 2mg
Lorazepam 2mg          Lorazepam 2mg
               Lorazepam Oral 2 mg                                        Lorazepam Injection 2mg