Pharmacy License Changes for Within and Outside the State of Connecticut

Change applications are required when changing, location, manager, pharmacy name, owner or officers/directors.  The change applications can be submitted through our “License Maintenance” section of our online website and is available now on your online account.

Application Fee:

  • Change of Location - $190
  • Change of Owner - $90
  • Change of Manager - $90
  • Change of Name - $90
  • Change of Officers/Directors - $60

 To complete the changes online:

  • If you have your User Id and Password, please go to to access your account. Once logged in, the Change Applications can be found under Online Services and then select License Maintenance.
  • You may request your User ID and Password by emailing the following information to :
  1. Name
  2. License/registration type
  3. License/registration number
  4. Email address
  • To access the change application, select the “Start” button next to your pharmacy license number.
  • Select the type of change from the dropdown list that you would like to submit for the pharmacy.
  • Complete the application questions and then add the change fee to your invoice.  You can submit more than one change application for a particular pharmacy and then proceed to the payment page.
  • You will receive an email confirming payment.  The Department will notify you of approval after its review.
Email Address: