In Connecticut, no oral agreement made by a consumer to purchase, lease or rent goods from a telemarketer shall be binding, valid or enforceable against the consumer unless the telemarketer receives from the consumer a written and signed contract that discloses in full the terms of the sale, lease or rental agreement.

Any goods sent or services provided to a consumer by a telemarketer without such written contract shall be deemed to be an unconditional gift to the consumer without any obligation by the consumer to the telemarketer.

The federal Telemarketing Sales Rule requires telemarketers to make certain disclosures and prohibits certain misrepresentations.It gives consumers the power to stop unwanted telemarketing calls and gives state law enforcement officers the authority to prosecute fraudulent telemarketers who operate across the state lines.


The rule covers most types of telemarketing calls to consumers, including calls to offer goods and services, sweepstakes and prize promotions and investment opportunities.It also applies to calls consumers make in response to postcards or other materials received in the mail.

  • Sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent unwanted telephone sales calls. To register, select the link above or call toll-free from the phone you want to register: 1-888-382-1222.  Registration is free and does not expire. Cell phones and fax machines can also be registered. 
  • The Department of Consumer Protection enforces the Do Not Call law. To file a “do not call” complaint, please follow these instructions.