Item Pricing

Item pricing is a term that applies to "consumer commodities" -- items that are “used up” and replenished. For example, bread, band-aids and trash bags are consumer commodities; frying pans and pillowcases are not commodities, because while they may wear out, they are not consumed or "used up."

If a store uses electronic scanners at checkout, each consumer commodity must be individually marked unless the store has an approved electronic shelf label system.

If the consumer commodity scans incorrectly, the consumer may receive ONE of that item free.

On items that are not consumer commodities ( i.e. frying pan, pillow cases, clothing, furniture, etc.) there is no requirement for the store to sell it to you at the ticketed price. Notify the store manager and the manager should immediately correct the pricing mistake.  If this is a repeated practice of the store, the consumer should send a written complaint to the Department of Consumer Protection.

See also: Unit Pricing