Hearing Aids

Buyers who leave a deposit of $100 or more with a hearing aid dealer or audiologist for a new hearing aid have the right to a refund, minus examination costs, if the buyer cannot inspect the hearing aide at the seller’s place of business within 45 days of leaving the deposit.

Notice of this requirement must be included in every sales contract, receipt and order.  It must be clear and conspicuous, in reasonable proximity to the space reserved for the buyer’s signature and in bold, capital, 12-point type.


Hearing aids must be sold with a 30-day trial period. Buyers have the right to return a hearing aid during the trial period in the same condition as when purchased, except for reasonable ordinary wear.The buyer may obtain a refund minus, at the seller’s option, a cancellation fee of up to 12%.


For inquiries and/or complaints, please contact the Department of Public Health.

Phone: (860) 509-8000