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Inclement Weather Closings

It's that time of year again!!!

Watch channel 3 WFSB news to find out the status of a scheduled training



or visit the


Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to learn about late openings and early closing announcements|



In case of Inclement weather, please call the Academy for Workforce Development weather line @ 860-560-5055

Inclement Weather Announcement

  • In case of inclement weather the Academy for Workforce Development will announce any delay or cancellation of the day's classes. Channel 3, (WFSB) will broadcast the message the same as a school closing as "DCF Training Academy."
  • Call 860-560-5055 for information.  There will be a recording if there are any changes in the normal training day. (Please DO NOT leave any messages on this line). Classes will begin at 9:00AM., unless there is a cancellation or delay.
  • Decisions on weather related cancellations or delays will be made no later than 6:30AM.

Reminder: In the event of a Academy for Workforce Development cancellation, staff must report to their office, unless the state has been closed by the Governor.   If you reside out of the state and can not receive these TV stations, please make provisions to contact your supervisor.