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A Campaign to Recruit LGBTQ Foster and Adoptive Parents.


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The State of Connecticut values ALL families and as such welcomes and embraces LGBTQ families who want to provide foster and adoptive homes to some wonderful children in state care.

We ALL have love to give, and CT is fortunate to have many loving and caring LGBTQ families who are great foster and adoptive parents.  LGBTQ families tell us that fostering and adopting their children is a great joy and has added much meaning and joy to their lives.


That is why the Department of Children and Families is working together with the LGBTQ community and supportive organizations to find LGBTQ families who want to bring great kids into their homes.


All children deserve the love and stability that comes from a family, and so we ask LGBTQ families to consider this option for adding children to their lives.


If you are interested in learning more about how to become a foster or adoptive parent to a wonderful child who deserves a loving home please call 888-KID-HERO.


Real Life - Real Stories: 
Read about the Robinson Family

Robinson Family 

"They bring joy into our lives. There is nothing cooler than watching kids learn how to do things for the first time.” - Kim Robinson

Read About the Shannon and Ross Family

Shannon Ross Family

“When you foster and adopt, you learn more about love."  - Ross Stencil


“You have life with another human being who adores you and fights with you and helps you be the best person you can be, while you try to help them be the best person they can be.” - Shannon Smith

NEWS coverage of an announcement during National Foster Care Month made by Governor Malloy, DCF Commissioner Joette Katz, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, and some wonderful families who tell their real life experiences with fostering and adopting. 
Washington Post 

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