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  • DAS State Owned Facilities Operations

    The DAS State Facilities Operation Unit manages approximately 6.7 million square feet of state-owned floor space in occupied and vacant state buildings.

  • DAS Statewide Security Services

    The DAS Statewide Security Unit provides for the overall physical security of the state employees, clients, visitors and assets of the State of Connecticut in both state-owned and leased facilities.

  • DAS Surplus Information Page

    Quick links to specific areas of State Surplus, allowing you to choose your category and have all links to that specific category.

  • DAS (and OPM)- Waivers of the Bid Process

    Connecticut General Statute Section 4a-58 requires that the Department of Administrative Services post a listing of all contracts that were entered into as a result of a waiver of the competitive process.

  • DAS Procurement CT Procurement Daily Notices

    The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Procurement Division hosts an on-line bid notification system. Companies seeking State business opportunities should subscribe to ensure you are notified of all new State contract opportunities.

  • Data Center Operations Services

    The Department of Administrative Service Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology (BEST) Data Center Operations is a service provided to state agencies to monitor and react to statewide network, data center or system events 24 hours per day.

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data.

  • Database Administration

    This service provides for the development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improvement of database performance, capacity planning for future expansion requirements, restoration of damaged databases, and planning, coordination and implementation of database security.

  • Distributed Platforms

    BEST Server Management offers secure highly available virtual hosting solutions for statewide applications and services.

  • Ed Training Fee remit 17-18

  • eGovernment Services

    Everything you need to know about the eGovernment program.

  • Employees' Review Board

    To decide personnel appeals of state managers and confidential employees or groups of such employees, who are not included in any collective bargaining unit of state employees.

  • Enterprise Application Hosting and Support

    Provide application server hosting for statewide agency web based applications hosted and managed by DAS BEST.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    State of Connecticut Enterprise Architecture (CTEA) Information

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

    DAS/BITS offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a service to provide a standardized software for organizing and storing documents.